Saturday, August 25, 2007

Packing for Burning Man: Nerd Alert!

Packing like a nerd
Originally uploaded by marytsao.
Like a good little burner, I'm packing all of our clothes in ziplock baggies and putting the baggies in plastic bins. The plastic baggies are probably overkill since we're in an RV and I expect it won't be as dusty as if we were tent camping. However, I did it anyway because I like to over-prepare. And it was a good way to separate my clothes into outfits so when it's hot and I don't feel like picking out something cute, all I have to do is grab a baggy and I'm good to go.

When Mike saw all of my clothes in ziplocks he went, "Nerd alert!" This is an Austin Powers reference.

We pick up the RV tomorrow and I hope that goes smoothly. El Monte RV is refusing to schedule appointments; they will help people on a first come, first served basis. Like the guy on the phone today said, "It will be like the DMV." Great. We're planning on getting there at 7:55; they open at 8:00. Wish us luck!

I'll post tomorrow for the final time before we hit the Playa. I have to say that all of this packing is giving me a headache. I'm ready to don something skimpy and forget about my nine-to-five, if you know what I mean.