Friday, August 3, 2007

Our Great Big Burning Man Packing List

Countdown to Burning Man: 25 Days

Okay. Here is our packing list so far. It may seem extensive, but Burning Man takes place in an very harsh, desert environment. Attendees of the event must be prepared for extremely hot weather, cold weather, rain, 60 MPH winds, and dust storms that come out of nowhere. Long-time burners will talk about years that were particularly rough: I remember in 2000 when it rained all night long and I woke up in a puddle... You never know if this will be a mild year weather-wise or not until you get on the Playa.

Hence, the gigantic packing list.

I've decided to make my office our gathering place for all things Burning Man. My goal is to have everything ready so that when we pick up the RV on Monday, August 27, we can pack it up that day and be ready to leave here bright and early on Tuesday, August 28.

Our nanny Rosa is coming over today to watch the kids and I'm going to use that time to start my Burning Man shopping. First I'll hit thrift stores, then the craft supply store, then Target. Tonight Mike and I are having our first family Burning Man planning meeting to come up with his-n-her To Do lists, which I'll post tomorrow.



- environmentally-friendly soap (Dr. Bronner's)
- Children's Tylenol
- Advil
- Emergen C
- First Aid Kit
- Lip balm
- Sunscreen!!
- Lotion
- Toothbrushes/toothpaste
- other toiletries

- costumes, etc
- Sarongs for me and Mike
- Don't forget pajamas!
- bring layers for cold nights
- Rain ponchos
- socks
- Hats
- Sunglasses
- shoulder strap bag for camera, lip stuff

- Me: crocs, motorcycle boots, fuzzy pink slippers
- Emily: crocs, black boots
- Thomas: crocs, red rain boots
- Mike: (?)

- Battery powered radio
- Camera, batteries and charger
- Computer (family laptop)
- Sharpies for writing our KidsVille address on the kids's bellies
- Separate, sealed containers for recyclables, burnable, and non-burnable waste
- Rope and string for tying loose stuff down.
- Baby Wipes
- Ear plugs
- toilet paper (rolls in ziploc bags)
- Dust Goggles / face masks
- Head lamps
- lanterns for kids
- Mirror
- lighters
- extension cords
- power strip
- parasols?

Sleeping stuff and towels
- sheets/pillows for RV beds
- light blankets
- Towels

RV prep
- plastic drop clothes for floors and other surfaces
- old carpet(s) to cover floors
- old sheets/fabric to cover seating area
- Message board for outside of RV
- Tsaobugs banner for outside of RV

Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) clean-up supples
- Big whiskbroom
- dustpan
- Flat blade shovel
- Rake (depending on the surface texture)
- Stiff long handled broom
- Magnets to remove every last nails, staples, scrap of metal
- plastic bags

Gray water disposal/evaporation pool stuff
- TBD (after discussion with Mike)

Shade structure stuff
- Materials to build shade structure (Mike)
- Rebar stakes
- Tarp for floor
- old rug for floor (?)
- small stuffed animals to cover rebar or tennis balls
- cloth in strips to tie on guide wires
- What shall we sit on when we are outside? I need to discuss this with Mike
- solar lights (string?)
- solar tiki torches
- battery-powered lantern
- table?
- Decorative items that can be tied down

Tool box
- scissors
- exacto knife
- duct tape
- zipties
- Work gloves for Mike
- Work gloves for Mary
- Long-handled sledgehammer
- Vise grips for removing stakes and rebar
- Assorted bungie cords

- Mike: mountain bike with kid trailer attachment
- Me: girl-style cruiser
- Tire repair kids
- Baskets
- Locks

Outdoor shower stuff
- Portable shower
- Tarp?

Other Mike stuff
- solar panel, etc.

- Blinky things
- El wire
- Glow sticks
- Bubbles
- walkie talkies
- musical instruments
- a couple of toys for each kid that we don't mind destroying
- Books for kids and adults

- (2 x 6 x 4 = 48 gallons) BUY IN RENO

Kitchen stuff
- Nalgene bottles for each family member decorated with name/stickers
- travel coffee mugs for center camp coffee
- bucket and mesh bag or painter's mesh for food waste
- Trash bags of assorted sizes
- Ziplock bags of assorted sizes
- Eating utensils for 4
- Plates/bowls for 4
- Plastic cups for 4
- cloth napkins
- paper towels
- Dish sponge
- Kitchen towels
- Pots/Pans/Utensils/Can Opener/Spatula/Fork/Big spoon
- wash basin (x2)
- Cooler for drinks
- Cooler for food
- All other food in plastic bin with lid

- lots of canned fruits, tasty bites, spaghetti-os, trail mixes, chips, dehydrated fruits, crackers, juice boxes, milk in boxes, cookies, rice cakes, pop tarts, peanut butter, fruit leather, chips and salsa, etc., whatever looks good at the store and can survive in the desert
- bottle of Tequila, limes, margarita mix for the Mayor of KidsVille