Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Some neat Burning Man 2007 videos

I'm still working on my recollections from Burning Man, and I promise I'll get to them eventually.

In the meantime and for your viewing pleasure, here are some videos that have been circulating via email amongst those who sometimes wish they were back on the Playa, caught in a dust storm...

Burning Man 2007 Time Lapse by Phil "Peef" Sadow

Burning Man on Adult Swim

The Prophesy tells us that if DJ Jesus doesn't perform at Burning Man an unholy sand storm will destroy the American west. The wind is rising and everyone's waiting for him, but DJ Jesus gets lost in the desert where Satan is waiting to tempt him with a food court, an electronics superstore and finally a magical place called Temptasia.

Burning Man 2007 on CBS News 9/30/07